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Ethical code


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All Association members, regardless of their branch and type of their field, adhere to the principle of psychologists' Ethical Codex in their professional behaviour.


Ethical code of psychologist of Serbia has been adopted in Belgrade, April 20th 2000  at the meeting of the Assembly of Serbian Psychological Society (DPS in further text).

The Code of Ethics was made by a group of psychologists, from May 1996, when executive board of Serbian Psychological Society formed a Working Group for making a new Ethical Code of psychologist of Serbia. Members of Working Group were: Ph.D. Josip Berger, Ph.D. Blagoje Nešić, Ph.D. Jovan Mirić, Maja Žegarac, Gordana Nikolić, Biljana Lajović, Borislava Maksimović and Milojko Stojanović as director of the Board.

During the work on Code of Ethics, an idea of creating a permanent body for ethical problems of psychologists has matured, so in March 23rd 1999 Executive Board of Serbian Psychological Society has transformed this Working Group into a Council For Ethical Issues of Psychologist of Serbia.

Assembly of Serbian Psychological Society made a decision in 2001 in Subotica to transform the Council in a body of Assembly of Serbian Psychological Society.

Mandate of the Board:

  • continually improve and innovate Ethical Codex of psychologists of Serbia;
  • to work on making an annex - interpretation of Ethical Codex;
  • to provide psychologists in practice with direct help in interpreting principles of Ethical Codex and solving concrete ethical dilemmas;
  • to organize professional and scientific meetings aiming to advance the ethical theory and practise;
  • to organize, stimulate and prepare publishing of appropriate publications from ethics of psychology;
  • to maintain and develop communication and cooperation, as well as exchange experiences with other societies of psychologists in the world in this field;
  • to perform other actions in the domain of ethics of psychological profession and science.

A member of Board docent Ph.D. Jovan Mirić organized round table with subject "Psychology and norm" on the professional meeting in 1998 and 1999, also two workshops of ethics were organized, presenting cases form practise.

During professional meeting in 2001, a round table was organized with theme "Ethics and psychotherapy", and "Psychology newsletter" informed in detail about it.

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